Pet and Horse Wellness and Training

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Pet and Horse Nutrition

Jennifer Meyer of Dogs, Cats and Horses believes in an all-natural approach to animal diets, supplements and medications. It is her belief that a natural diet with a careful look at nutritional foods can result in happier animals and significantly reduce sickness and common pet ailments. Diet is the key to creating balanced animals.

Training For Horses, Cats and Dogs

With years of training horses and household pets Miss Meyer shares her training tips, successes and failures with animal lovers across America in hopes of better connecting pets with owners.

Dogs, Cats, and Horses
Dogs, Cats and Horses is a culmination of experiences Jennifer Meyer has had with animals as she combats sickness and pet ailments by creating diets heavy in natural foods. She shares her involvement with pets and her ideas concerning health, training and over-all pet happiness.

Nutrition For Horses